Web Site Design and Hosting

Web sites designed to be Simple, Responsive, and easy to Navigate.

What Is Offered:

  • Web sites designed with a classic look and with a state of the art build.
  • Design, host, and maintain websites that will function on cell phones, tablets, and computers that areĀ easy to navigate and understand.
  • Optimized graphics for fast page load.
  • Maintain all websites that we design, build, and host. You e-mail the changes or updates and I do the rest.
  • References upon request.
Being a web designer for over 20 years I see the errors of most modern designers. Make it look good and hope you find the content, is the way they look to me. All centered text, which is hard to read and comprehend and the light grey text are definitely design flaws.

you can Have a web site

designed to be viewed on computers, tablets, and cell phones.

Sample Sites

A1 French Drains -Tulsa
Paxon High School-Jacksonville
Lighthouse Development, Jacksonville, FL
Lighthouse Development-Jacksonville
Topper - Atlanta